100OnlineCasino.Se utilizes the most rigid security standards to ensure that any information is kept as safe as possible, either through transfer of such info from the web site or reception of similar info by the web site. However, please be advised that no process of sending or receiving data over the medium of the internet is guaranteed to be completely secure and guarded from cyber threats. 100OnlineCasino.Se takes decisive action through software and firewalls to strive towards keeping all sensitive information safe as it pertains to the web site. These security measures are generally accepted according to industry standards and are constantly monitored and maintained for consistency.

Prioritizing Safety and Protection

All variations of personal information that are transferred to 100OnlineCasino.Se will be kept on secure servers that are in operation within the regions of Sweden. In the event that a visitor to the web site passes along sensitive information via an online application or other related documentation, this data is protected through the use of Secure Socket Layer technology software, otherwise abbreviated as SSL. 100OnlineCasino.Se holds SSL certification for any such processes that involve the transfer of data. This particular information or data that is shared with the web site is considered to be an asset of the highest importance, and 100OnlineCasino.Se takes every step to guard its assets to protect the consumer, which also directly relates to the reputation that the site is able to uphold.

The security resources and operations used by 100OnlineCasino.Se are specifically designed to guard all information from threats that exist within the boundaries of the web site, as well as other outside dangers that potentially can compromise this information’s safety. However, please be advised that no safety measure is completely foolproof and the consumer assumes some risk in using the web site and its services.

Further Info Regarding Security

The staff that represents 100OnlineCasino.Se has been trained in regards to maintaining web site security and is obligated to uphold these standards in an effort to ensure the highest amount of protection possible for any consumer visiting or using the site. If a scenario occurs in which a team member violates the Privacy Policy that is implemented constantly by 100OnlineCasino.Se, the member will be subject to disciplinary action that can lead up to and include the member’s termination. If there are any additional questions or concerns regarding the site’s privacy and security measures, the user is encouraged to contact us.