Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 18th, 2015

Information provided on this page serves the purpose of informing the user how various data, in different forms, will be used by the web site. The web site will not use or share any information related to the user unless it is otherwise specified within the content of the Privacy Policy.

The personal information from users may be gathered to improve the functions and services of the web site. By using the web site, the user agrees to the use and dispersal of such data that falls within compliance according to the Privacy Policy. Unless the terms displayed are specifically related to a different definition within the Privacy Policy, the terminology used herein possesses the same meaning as their intended use in the web site’s Terms and Conditions.

Information Collection and Usage

During the period of time that is spent using the services of the web site, the user may be asked to provide certain information for contact and communication. Such information can possibly include but is not limited to the user’s mailing address, full name, phone number, or e-mail address among other data.

Data Recording

Certain info and data may be collected by the web site from the user’s browser while the user visits the web site and utilizes its services. Data of this type includes the time and date of visitation, the IP address related to the user’s device, the type and version of browser being used, and other various data as it relates to statistics.

The Use of Cookies

Certain data files that are referred to as “cookies” contain a very small amount of information, usually used as an identifier, that is both anonymous and random as it relates to the user. The web site will use such cookies with the purpose of gathering the aforementioned statistical data. Users will commonly have the ability to disable cookies or be notified when cookies are present on the web site. Please be advised that certain aspects of the web site may be deactivated when cookies are blocked or disabled.

Outside Service Providers

There is a possibility that the web site will use third party establishments in order to perform certain functions at the web site, including gathering information and improving or maintain services. These third parties may have expressed consent to access information that is related to the user, but any such entity is obligated to operate under the same guidelines that are laid out by the web site.

Links to Third Party Sites

The web site may contain links to other web sites that, being owned by other establishments, will contain terms that differ from what is displayed here. When click the link for another web site, the user will be taken to that web site and should be in agreement with the site’s terms. Please be advised that it is of high importance to read and understand the Privacy Policy and other terms of the outside web site that is being visited. 100OnlineCasino.Se has no control over the specific content or policies of any third party website, and is therefore not responsible for changes in terms or guidelines.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any updates to the Privacy Policy may occur from time to time. The user of this web site will be notified of any changes made to the Privacy Policy when they take effect. It is recommended for the user to regularly check the Privacy Policy that is posted on the web site for any changes or updates. All changes to the Privacy Policy for the web site are considered effective immediately.

Contact the Site

Every user should feel free to contact the operators of the web site if there are any concerns or general questions as they relate to the Privacy Policy and its content.